Voice At The Table

What is The Victorian Government Boards and Committees Initiative?

This project is about more people with disability getting on Victorian Public Sector boards and committees.

DHHS has invited us to work together with Leadership Victoria and the Disability Leadership Institute.

We will all have different jobs.

Partner orgs1Leadership Victoria will:

  • do training about governance.
    Governance means the rules about being in control of an organisation.


Disability Leadership Institute will:

  • provide support for people with their applications to get onto the boards
  • share opportunities on their website
  • run training for people who work in Government



Partner orgs2Voice at the Table will:

  • do refresher training for VATT graduates
  • work closely with 2 Government organisations
  • run training for people who work in Government


DHHS will:

  • support the project
  • measure the results
  • share the news with everyone in Government


Why are we doing this project?

Absolutely everyone: state disability plan 2017-2020 is the Victorian Government’s framework for creating a more inclusive Victoria for people with disability. Action 24 of Absolutely everyone is Voice and leadership. This seeks to provide opportunities for people with disability to lead and contribute to public debate and influence change.

It is estimated that less than 1 per cent of people serving on Victorian public sector boards identify as having a disability. Given that 20 per cent of Victorians have a disability, this low level of representation is unacceptable.

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing the diversity on its boards including people with disability. This initiative will address low representation by:

  • shifting attitudes and raising awareness across the Victorian public sector including staff who are influential in board appointments
  • removing barriers and strengthening pathways for people with disability to apply for and successfully sustain board appointments.

By increasing the number of people with disability on boards we will see:

  • increased diversity of talent, perspectives, experience and knowledge
  • greater expertise, agility, innovation and credibility
  • good governance, robust decision-making and higher productivity.

The support of board secretariat staff and committee members in increasing representation of people with disability on Victorian public sector boards is essential.

Free professional development for board personnel

Professional development opportunities will be available from early 2019 for board secretariat staff within departments and members of Victorian public sector boards and committees.

Quote Icon LINK: Professional development training run by people with cognitive disabilities
This will provide targeted resources and guidance and support to chairs and committee members to run inclusive meetings.


Want to advertise a Victorian Government board or committee position?

Victorian Government agencies have free and unlimited position advertising through the National Register of Disability Leaders until June 2019. The Register provides an advertising portal for Victorian public sector and not for profit boards wanting to recruit people with disability as board members. Fill in the short form at Find A Leader and they will take it from there. No payment is required for agencies with a @vic.gov.au address.

Quote Icon LINK: National Register of Disability Leaders
Advertise on the register


Free professional development for people with disability

Professional development for people with disability including coaching, courses and mentoring is also available. This will be provided through the Disability Leadership Institute and Leadership Victoria.

Applying for board positions can be intimidating. Being the only person with disability in a board room can be tough, being the new person on the board can also be tough. If you’ve just been appointed to a Victorian Government board or committee we can help you to sustain that appointment.

Further information

For further information or to participate in the initiative contact the Office for Disability by phoning 1300 880 043 or email the Office for Disability .