Voice At The Table

Voice At The Table Training

We do lots of different free training for people with an:

  • Intellectual Disability
  • Acquired Brain Injury

Our training is co-designed and delivered by people with intellectual disability and acquired brain injury.

Our trainings are about:

  • Your rights
  • How to speak up and have your voice heard.
  • How to giving advice to services. For example: Giving advice to the government.
  • Being on boards, committees and advisory groups.
  • Making real change happen!
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People with other different disabilities can join our training too.

You do not need to know how to read or write to do our training.

Below is a list of our Stronger Voices training:

1. Your Rights and How to Speak Up!

In this training we: 

- Learn about your rights 

- Talk about speaking up for your rights

This is a 1 day training


2. How To Speak Up in a Big Way!


In this training we talk about speaking up in a big way about the things you care about.


Speaking up in a big way means:


Speaking up about the things you care about to services, groups and government.


This is a 2 day training

3. How to be on Boards, Committees and Advisory Groups.

In this training we talk about:

– What are boards, committees and advisory groups?

– What do board, committee or advisory group meetings look like?

– Your right to be included in these meetings

– Your right to have your access needs met in these meetings.

This is a 2 day training 

How do I sign up?

Go to our events pages to see our future training days and to sign up!

Contact us:

Contact us if you want to know more!

Email: training@voiceatthetable.com.au

Phone: 03 9070 9070

After the training – Monthly Meet Ups:

After you do any of Voice At The Table’s Stronger Voices Training you can join our Monthly Meetups.

The Monthly Meetups is a peer led group that meets once a month.

It is run by and for people with an intellectual disability and acquired brain injury who have done this training.

They meet to give peer support to each other and share information and stories on their journeys of self advocacy, speaking up and having a voice in the community.