Voice At The Table

Case Study – Safer Care Victoria

In March 2018 Safer Care Victoria worked with Voice at the Table to include consumer advocates in a Priority Summit Workshop

Case Study - Safer Care Victoria


In March 2018 Safer Care Victoria held a workshop with consumers and people involved in healthcare to help identify the top priorities and guide the development and implementation of the Partnering in Healthcare Framework. Voice at the Table supported Safer Care Victoria to include consumer advocate, Francesca Lee as a participant on the day.

Belinda Macleod-Smith, Consumer Project Lead for Safer Care’s Consumers as Partners Branch said “I felt a particular responsibility to include groups that I knew are generally excluded from things like this”.

The previous stage of consultation involved an online survey. Around 700 Victorians completed the survey and it generated lots of valuable feedback but researchers noted that there was limited diversity represented by those who participated. Belinda said, “as a Government agency we have a commitment and its actually within our roles and duties to make sure that what we’re doing meets the needs of all members of our community”.

Voice at the Table provided Safer Care Victoria with advice and resources such as the Top Ten Tips Sheets to help them prepare to make the workshop inclusive and accessible. Safer Care Victoria ensured that travel and access needs were paid for all consumers who attended. This included providing an independent inclusion support person to attend with Francesca Lee and meet with her before the event to review the background materials and help prepare.

Consumer advocate, Francesca Lee reflected that the event was very inclusive and that, unlike other events, the information was easy to understand and the conversation was easy to follow. Having an inclusion support person there also helped give her the confidence to speak up. “It’s something that I have so much passion for and being in hospital myself for so long can contribute so many things”.