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Amanda’s Top Tips


“I have been to lots of meetings where I didn’t get my say and that stinks in my opinion”

Amanda Millear, Reinforce Self Advocacy

Hi, I am Amanda Millear here are my top tips for making sure you run good meetings that include people with intellectual disability.

  1. Send out all the information before the meeting and have someone sit with us and go through the agenda and the minutes.
  2. Easy English from the word go.
  3. Have a Code of Conduct that tells you the do’s and don’ts.
  4. Have a support person if you want one.
  5. The chair must bring the meeting to order and make sure everyone is ready to start.
  6. The chair has to make sure that each person at the meeting gets their say and that everyone is quiet and listens.
  7. Always have an agenda – sometimes I go to meetings and I feel like I am flying blind that is why I always want an agenda.
  8. Have an agenda in Big Print.
  9. If no-one is paying attention to you put your hand up to indicate you want to have a bark!
  10. If it is a long meeting there must be a break. I have been to meetings and my mind is splattered all over the floor, where is the break!

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