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Episode 1 – Welcome

In this episode we explore how organisations can properly welcome Consumer Advocates to the meetings.

Episode 2 – Role

Warren talks to our guest Eva Sifis about all things meetings and disability politics. Eva is a part of the training team at VATT and has a whole lot of insight to share. More on Eva here

Episode 3 – Culture

Warren talks to our guests Peta Ferguson and Heather Smith about the importance of creating a culture where everyone is valued, seen and heard. Peta was the president of Brain Injury Matters Self Advocacy Group and Heather is a Peer Worker at Reinforce Self Advocacy Group. They have great stories and insight in how to create an inclusive culture in your organisation or workplace. More on Reinforce (click here). More on Brain Injury Matters (click here)

Episode 4 – Culture

Warren continues his conversation with Peta Ferguson and Heather Smith, they explain what it’s like to not be included. In Back Chat we hear from Eva Sifis and Amy Sue Lasslett about how VATT started and what the project does.

Episode 5 – Information

How important is accessible information? The answer is VERY! This episode Warren chats to Bec Biddle from All Abilities Self Advocacy Group and Graham Binding from New Wave Self Advocacy Group. They talk about how to share information so everyone understands. Ann gives her great tips on how to write Plain English and Easy English.
More on All Abilities (click here)
More on New Wave (click here)

Episode 6 – Information

In this episode we keep on exploring good information sharing. Michael Mayne, from Voices for Change Self Advocacy Group comes on to talk with Warren about access needs and the importance of reminders. In Back Chat we talk about the amazing Self Advocate Doug Pentland with Sue Smith from SARU.
For more on SARU(click here)  For more on Voices for Change Jennifer Black – jblack@fls.org.au

Episode 7 – Barriers

Cameron Bloomfield is our guest today. He is a Trainer at VATT and a member of Rainbow Rights Self Advocacy Group. In this episode Warren and Cameron talk about support needs, the importance of Peer Support and technology. In Back Chat we have Kathryn Bartlet (VATT CHAT working group member and New Wave Self Advocacy Group Gippsland Peer Worker) and Rachel Walters (one of the founding members of New Wave) in to talk about the history of New Wave and some of the great advocacy they have done in their community. For more on Rainbow Rights (click here)  For more on New Wave (click here)

Episode 8 – Barriers

VATT Trainer Cameron Bloomfield returns to discuss tokenism, social barriers, sensory sensitivity and how to use the traffic light card system. Warren and Cameron also discuss a big barrier people are often too scared to discuss – money and payment. In Back Chat we hear the story of how New Wave Gippsland came to be. For more on Rainbow Rights (click here)

Episode 9 Season 2 – Amy Lasslett

On this episode Warren chats to Amy Laslett on her departure from Voice At The Table. A discussion on the future and past of Voice At The Table.

Episode 10 Season 2 – John Tjepkema

In this episode Warren chats with VATT Graduate , John Tjepkema.

Episode 11 Season 2 – John Tjepkema Pt2

Part 2 of Warren and John Tjepkema.

Episode 12 Season 2 – Larissa MacFarlane

In this episode of VATT Chat, Warren talks to friend and colleague, Larissa MacFarlane. Larissa is an Artist , and VATT Graduate.

Episode 13 Season 2 – Larissa MacFarlane Pt2

Part 2 of Larissa MacFarlane and Warren discussing Self Advocacy and Art.

Episode 14 Season 2 – Manda Laurence

In this episode of VATT Chat , Warren chats to Manda Laurence.

Episode 15 Season 2 – Davis Stokes

In this episode of VATT Chat , Warren chats to Davis Stokes.

16. VATT CHAT Season 2 – Beck Biddle Part 1

Warren chats to Beck Biddle, about self advocacy and all the activities and organisations Beck is involved with.

17. VATT CHAT Season 2 – Beck Biddle Part 2

Part 2 of Warren’s chat with Beck Biddle

18. VATT CHAT Season 2 – Beck Biddle Part 3

Part 3 of Warren’s chat with Beck Biddle.